Christmas is my FAVORITE time of the year! As you will see I will totaly redo all of my pages to make them fit better in the Christmas Season. I hope you like all of my new backgrounds and images. I tried to pick out the best for your enjoyment.

Christmas always makes you warm and happy. You get to do so many fun things JUST for Christmas! We all decorate our houses and try to make then look their bests. 

And you can't forget good ole Santa! He's the merriest of all men. The king of happiness! Look at him trying to stuff those gifts down the tree! He's always so generous. Remember, ONLY GOOD boys and girls get the presents!

12 Days Of Christmas

This is a special recreation of the 12 Days Of Christmas. It's pretty cool. It's made out of ascii work. I hope you take a look at it while your exploring my Christmas Pages.

Olive the other Reindeer

This is an important section of Christmas that most people ignore. It's the story of "Olive the other Reindeer" This will also feature Rudolph. I hope you like the story. I know I did! :)

Click here to read all about Olive.

Click here to read the sequel, Olive's Secret Journey!!

Poncho is all ready for Christmas. He even decided to decorate himself like a little snowman. Isn't he cuteeee!! If you'd like to make him happy, go see his home page. I just added all new pictures and even a few Christmas pictures! He's VERY proud of them!!

Santa always tries to fulfill all of his "want" lists. I think they get longer and longer each year. I know my wish lists are getting shorter, but the prices are getting much higher.

You can see all of our Department 56 Displays on our D56 displays on out D56 pages. 

This was our Christmas Tree for this year. My mom has it TOTALLY decorated in angels and Santa Clauses. This is a real neat tree! I hope you like it!

This is my mom's collection on Santas. She has some from all over the world! She even has a set from Poland. It's a neat display! 

This is our mantle in the living room. Well, are you surprised? There is NO D56 stuff on it! My om keeps her Nutcrackers up there. They come in all sizes and professions! 


"I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year."
-Charles Dickens

Christmas Puppy Poem

It's the day before Christmas
 And all through the house
 The puppies are squeaking
 An old rubber mouse.

 The wreath which had merrily
 Hung on the door
 Is scattered in pieces
 All over the floor.

 The stockings that hung
 In a neat little row
 Now boast a hole in
 Each one of the toes.

 The tree was subjected
 To bright-eyed whims,
 And now, although splendid,
 It's missing some limbs.

 I catch them and hold them.
 "Be good", I insist.
 They lick me, then run off
 To see what they've missed.

 And now as I watch them
 The thought comes to me,
 That their's is the spirit
 That Christmas should be.

 Should children and puppies
 Yet show us the way,
 And teach us the joy
 That should come with this day?

 Could they bring the message
 That's written above,
 And tell us that, most of all
 Christmas is love!

How well do you know your Christmas Carols?

Do you think you know your Christmas Carols pretty well? Well then... Take our Christmas Carol Quiz and test your knowledge!!
Click here to take the quiz!

Please email me any comment you might have. I'd love to hear from you all! I hope you have enjoyed this little Christmas Page. I'm looking for ideas also. If you have any, don't be shy!

Thanks for stoping by! I hope you decide to go explore the many other sections of my home page!

Your my #LinKo visitor since December 5. 1997!!

These are my very first Christmas Awards! Thank you VERY much!!!

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