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      The Villagitis

          The first symptoms of the "Villagitis" are as follows: purchasing a few houses and figurines, after seeing friends', neighbors' or families' villages.  The first village usually covers a small area under the Christmas tree.  At this stage the illness is easily curable.

            Over the  years, the village expands, going from a few houses to a few dozens.  The villages are no longer under the Christmas tree; they invade part of the living room, the dining room, the playroom or even the bedroom.  At this stage, it's hard to stop it; the disease is spreading.

          Shopping compulsively is the next step.  We come back home, not with one but, two, three or even 5 houses.  We look for sales, we look for  people who have retired pieces to sell, we even surf the net.  We eagerly await  the next club newsletter to see if there are any bargains.  When we go on a trip, we look for all the Christmas shops and wouldn't want to miss one!  At this stage there's no turning back, we are contaminated, "Villagitis" is here to stay.

          The village takes more and more space in our home.  Now  we're not talking about one village but of many villages all over the house.  We then move furniture, we condemn some rooms and it gets to a point where our house is not big enough.  The more audacious ones rent space or even make deals with merchants to display their very big villages in order to alleviate their passion.

          People afflicted with  "Villagitis"  gather together in clubs (support groups) in hope of finding a possible cure.  The illness just gets worse.  At this particular stage,  people have dozens of houses, and tons of figurines, streets, street lamps, trees, cars, ski slopes, etc.  Some even make their own trees, rivers, lakes and mountains…

          Although the sickness is not fatal, some vital  organs such as the wallet, the debit and credit cards are considerably handicapped.  The over-charges can last up to several months.  On a positive note, "Villagitis" stimulates our creativity and tends to bring couples closer together.  It is a known fact that the disease is mostly affecting couples.  The reasons for this phenomenon are still nebulous.

          There is yet no known remedy for this disease.  Abstinence only aggravates the illness.  Successive shopping sprees will soothe the afflicted but only  for a short period of time.

          As of now, the desease is confined to Canada and the United States, although we have heard of a case in Germany that is quite serious.

          People with "Villagitis" are often perceived as crazy.  Their response to this is: "If this is being crazy, let our imagination go wild and lets do it Big Time".

      Jacques Hamel & Penny Ann Verge

      Quebec City, Canada

      Thanks Jacques Hamel & Penny Ann Verge for letting me use this on my web page.


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