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             Welcome to the Department 56 Discussion group Home Page. This email list was created to let D56 collectors chat together. If you have any interest in Department 56 collectibles, being anything they made, make, or will make, join the list! I hope that this will be a beneficial email list for us collectors. We can discuss anything here. I hope to have some input from you also. If would would like to join this list, just click on the image or text to subscribe. You can subscribe to either the digest or the individual message option. If you get the digest, then several of the individual messages will be combined together to make one longer message. When you get the individual messages, you get just that. If you would like to view past messages the list has sent to the group, you need to go and view the archives. You can do that by clicking on the archive button or text later on down the page. I hope that you will enjoy being on this list. It was made entirely for you, the collector. PLEASE tell any and all Dept. 56 collectors you know about this list, and have them to join! It costs absolutely NOTHING to join this list. You can unsubscribe from the list at ANY time you wish to do so. I look forward to have you on our list! 


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        Department 56 Display Guide

             The "Village Display Guide" is a collaborative effort on the part of Department 56 collectors all across the Internet. In the three categories of the guide you will find wonderful little "Display Tips" to enhance any display. You will also want to check out the "Display Ideas" section for great concept designs and other ideas you may have never thought of before. And for those really serious about their display (and who among us is not?) we have a "How To" section for in-depth instructions to fulfill you creative display needs. Please check it out and post some of your own ideas!! 

         Click here to go to the Display Guide!!


        D56 Group Photo Gallery

        The group now has a Photo Gallery!! Please come and see all of the GREAT display pics!!

        Click here to see the "water cloth."


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        Are you a Department 56 collector?
        Then you need to join the D56 Collectors' Email Discussion Group!!
        It is FREE, and I know you will enjoy it

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