Matt's Department 56 Extravaganza

      Welcome to my personal Department 56 Web Site, Matt's Department 56 Extravaganza - The Ultimate Guide to D56 Collectibles!!!  My family and I have been collecting Dept. 56 Collectibles since Christmas 1994, and the collection continues to grow every year.  We currently collect the Dickens Village, Disney Parks Village, Christmas In The City, Snowbunnies, NOEL Christmas Tree Ornaments, Tiny Trimming Ornaments, Merry Maker Monks, Little Town of Bethlehem, Profile Series, and other rare or unique D56 items.  I hope you will enjoy seeing pictures of our real life displays and collections.  This site will be updated on a regular basis, so please check for updates frequently.  Don't forget to view the other sections of my Dept. 56 site, including real Display Pictures, Dept. 56 Links and Dealer Links, Dept. 56 Events Page, Dept. 56 Bulletin Board, Dept. 56 News Page, Dept. 56 Marketplace, and Dept. 56 Word Search.  I hope you enjoy my Department 56 web site!!  If you have any suggestions for new areas, please let me know!

      Welcome collector since November 15, 2007.

      Matt's Dept. 56 Site Map

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      FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
      The most frequent question I receive is how did I get started collection D56.  Here is the official response:
      My mom always had a Christmas village, and I was intrigued by it.  My brother and I used to help her set up the village every year.  In December 1994 at age 11, I decided to start my own village.  Ashbury Inn was my first purchase.  Having financial assistance from my parents and especially my grandmother, the collection started growing VERY fast.  After just a few years, I was able to catch up with most of the retired pieces.  Up until this past year, I purchased every new introduction. Since I recently ran out of display room, I now collect only the pieces that I really like or are part of the Historic Landmark collection. The rest is history.
      What is my favorite piece?
      My first piece was the Ashbury Inn.  It is definitely one of my favorites from the early pieces as is Crowntree Inn and Pegotty's Seaside Cottage.  From the newer pieces I really like the Horse and Hounds Pub, Ramsford Palace, Tower Bridge of London, and pieces with interior scenes/animation.

      What pieces DON'T you own??
      I have the entire Dickens Village Collection that was produced between 1984-2004, both houses and accessories, except for the Dickens Village Mill.  I will probably own that one day when the price is right! I also own the entire Merry Maker Monks Collection, Disney Parks Village, and Little Town of Bethlehem Village.

      Do I buy/sell entire collections?
      No, I do not buy or sell entire collections.  Please contact one of the secondary retailers from my links page.  You may also list your pieces for sale on my free bulletin board service.  Please don't ask me to help sell your collection.

      Dickens Village 25th Anniversary
      The year 2009 marks the 25th anniversary of the Dickens Village collection.  D56 is starting the celebration early by introducing TWO special anniversary pieces in Fall 2008.  Here are the new pieces:

      The Neiland Lund Gallery
      Crowntree Inn
      805512 "The Neilan Lund Gallery" $90.00 805515 "Crowntree Inn - Anniversary Edition" $90.00

      I predict that we will see the other six pieces from the original seven introduced next year!

      2009 New Introductions

      Click here to view the 2009 NEW Introductions!

      2009 Mid Year Introductions
      Click here to view the 2009 Mid Year Introductions!

      2008 Retirements
      Click here to view the 2008 Retirements!

      2008 NCC Nation D56 Convention

      These three exclusive Department 56 accessories are event pieces
      that will be available only at the
      2008 NCC National D56 Convention.

      Each piece will sell for $20, and attendees will be limited to two of each piece.

      Event Details: 
      June 26-29, 2008
      Ramada Mall of America, Bloomington, MN

      Visit the official website at

      NCC Convention Exclusives

      • NCC SV Welcome Home $20.00
      • NCC HV Lamplighter $20.00
      • NCC North Pole Sidecar $20.00

      2008 Exclusives and Early Releases

      Below, is a list of the known exclusive and early releases for 2008. 

      2008 Exclusives:

      • NCC SV Welcome Home $20.00
      • NCC North Pole Sidecar $20.00
      • NCC HV Lamplighter $20.00
      • NCC Pin Traders Shop $50.00
      • QVC: To be announced in October...

      2008 Early Releases:

      • CIC 21 Club
      • CIC It's a Wrap, accessory
      • NP Tinker Bell's Lighthouse
      • NP Dressing Up with Tink, accessory

      To locate one of these specialty dealers, please visit the D56 AUTHORIZED DEALER LINK PAGE.  Each  dealer has Gold/Silver Key, Club 56, and Canadian status designated next to their store's name for easy reference.

      NCC Pin Traders Shop
      The 10th exclusive piece for the National Council of 56 Clubs (NCC) is called the "NCC Pin Traders Shop" and is limited to 2,000 castings.  Suggested retail for this piece is $50.00.  Please contact a NCC club or visit the NCC website to order this great piece!

      Pin Traders Shop

      Common D56 Abbreviations
      D56, Dept. 56 = Department 56
      AV = Alpine Village
      AL = Alpine Village
      CIC = Christmas In The City
      XC =
      Christmas In The City
      DV = Dickens' Village
      DPV = Disney Parks Village
      NEV = New England Village
      = New England Village
      NV = New England Village
      NP  = North Pole
      NPW = North Pole Woods
      HV = Heritage Village
      LTOB = Little Town of Bethlehem
      HL = Holy Land
      VLG = Heritage Village Accessories
      VLG = General Village Accessories
      GenAcc = General Accessories
      SBV = Seasons Bay Village
      SV = Snow Village
      SVH = Snow Village Halloween
      CPH = Cross Product Halloween
      SB = Snowbabies
      SBN = Snowbunnies
      ATTH = All Through the House
      MM = Merry Makers
      WS = Winter Silhouette

      "Reflect on your current blessings, of which every man has many,

      not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some." -Charles Dickens


      My Dept.  56 Web Site was the FIRST web site to receive the Village Chronicle's "Site of the Month Award."
       It was for April 1999.   I could not have done it without your support!  Thanks so much!

      Matt's Dept. 56 Display Showcase

      Display Photo

      Since you can't visit to my actual displays, I'd like to show them to you here. These galleries were updated in early 2004 to reflect 2003's displays.  I also included a link to previous displays' galleries.

      Click here to view my 2003 Display Gallery!

      Department 56 Events Calendar

      Here is the Dept. 56 events calendar section.  If you know of any Dept. 56 related event not listed here, please let me know.  The page has finally been updated with 2009 and 2010 events!

      Click here to view upcoming D56 Events!

      Click here to view an archive of past D56 Events!

      Department 56 History Lists

      Since I had so many people requesting History Lists of D56 Products on my website, I decided to add them.  I have History Lists of EVERY D56 EXCLUSIVE PIECE, Villages, Snowbabies, Snowbunnies, Merry Makers, and several other misc. lines! I hope you will enjoy the History Lists! I finally updated the lists 5/15/02.

      Click here to view the Department 56 History Lists!

      Department 56 News Archives   

      This is the section of my D56 web site that I refer to as the "OLD" NEWS ROOM.  This is where older Dept. 56  info, including exclusives and early intros,  will be archived.  Brand new info will always be posted here on my main page and then later placed here.  

      Click here to view the Department 56 News Archives!

      Dept. 56 Marketplace

      My personal website is just that, personal.  In an effort to help SUPPORT my website and keep it a viable Department 56 Collectors' resource, I decided to join several D56 related Affiliate Programs.  Please at least visit the Department 56 Marketplace link to view their products.  This is not a random listing of vendors.  In fact I have personally dealt with everyone I represent.  I won't recommend a product unless I feel they are a reliable vendor.  Featured products include:

      • Dept. 56 Display Tips eBooks
      • Hot Wire Foam Factory
      • JnD Hobby & Crafts
      • Showcase-Displays
      • Village Backgrounds
      • Village Display Tips Display Book and DVDs
      • The Village Registry
      • My Personal D56 Merchandise for Sale
      • My Personal eBay Auctions

      ooking for an authorized D56 Dealer????? Check out the newly updated D56 Dealer Links Page complete with dealer classifications (Club56, key status, etc.).  Please support these dealers since they support what you see here! My current dealers include:

      • Canterbury Village - Michigan   
      • City Lights Collectibles - California   
      • Chesterton Manor - Pennsylvania   
      • The Christmas House - New York
      • The Christmas Mart - California   
      • Country N' More Gifts - South Dakota   
      • Fitzula's Gift Shop - New Jersey  
      • Oakland Drugs - New Jersey   

      Click here to view the Department 56 Dealer Links Page!

      I would like to add new vendors and products to my listing of D56 Marketplace Vendors and Authorized D56 Dealers.  Please email me for more details. 

      Click here to email me about adding your ad to my Department 56 Marketplace!


      Tribute to Dept. 56 Easter Animals

      During the Easter season I thought I would do an Easter page, but with Dept. 56! This page tells about the different Easter animals D56 has created through the years. I have pictures of almost all of them. There is also a complete history list. I hope you will enjoy this new feature to my D56 Extravaganza! It has been updated with the 2004 pieces!

      Click here to visit the Tribute to Easter Animals page! 

      Department 56 Cross Word Puzzle

      How about a little break? Try this Dickens Cross Word Puzzle.

      Click here to go to my Dept. 56 Word Search

      Village Newsgroups,
      Newsletters, and Chats

      This is the Village Newsgroups, Newsletters, and Chats section of my website.  I hope you find it helpful.

      Click here to go to the Village Newsgroups, Newsletters, and Chats section. 

      Department 56 Display Guide

      The "Village Display Guide" is a collaborative effort on the part of Department 56 collectors across the Internet.  In the three categories of the guide you will find "Display Tips" to enhance any display. You will also want to check out the "Display Ideas" section for great concept designs and other ideas you may have never thought of before. And for those really serious about their display, we have a "How To" section for in-depth instructions to fulfill you creative display needs. Please check it out and post some of your own ideas!!

      Click here to go to the Display Guide!! 

      Department 56 Bulletin Board

      This is an online Department 56 Bulletin Board!  It is here for YOU.  Please feel free to post anything you have related to D56 here.  Classified are also permitted.

        Click HERE to go to my D56 Bulletin Board 

      Department 56 Links

      Are you looking for other Dept. 56 web sites?  Well, look no further!  I have the LARGEST listing of Dept. 56 sites on the entire Internet.  These listings are better than any search engine.  I have one entire page full of just retailers.  Check out the new updated D56 Dealer Links Page complete with dealer classifications (Club56, key, etc.).  The mail page has links to collector's sites, secondary dealers, info sources, D56 clubs, gatherings, and even auctions!  I hope you will find what you want to see.  I can almost guarantee it will be there!  Please let me know if you have, or know of a site, not in my listings.  I am MORE than happy to add it to my collection!

      Click here to go my Dept. 56 LINKS page!

      Click here to go my Dept. 56 Dealer LINKS page!

      Department 56 Web Ring
      I organized the Department 56 Web Ring.  It was the first Web Ring entirely devoted to D56 collectibles.  I wanted an easy way to connect Dept. 56 sites together.  If you have a Dept. 56 related Web Site and want to easily promote it,  just join the ring! 

      The additional info can be found by clicking here.


      Department 56 Club Link

      I belong to a local Department 56 collectors club called the "Department 56 Dreamers".  We are one of the three D56 collectors clubs in West Virginia.  If you are interested in joining our club, please let me know.  We have a meeting the third Sunday of every even month.  Make sure you visit their website by clicking on the logo below. 


      If you would like to see if there is a D56 club near you checkout the: 

      National Council of D56 Clubs.

      Department 56 Yahoo eGroup

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